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Wine Guardian CS025 - Ceiling Mounted Wine Cellar Cooling System

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The CS025 Ceiling Mounted Wine Cooling System is a ductless split wine temperature control unit designed specifically for wine wall projects complete with outdoor condensing unit, low ambient protection and controls. Its grille is designed to integrate completely flush with the ceiling, ensuring no bulky equipment is visible in the wine wall. This system can cool wine walls down to both long-term storage temperatures and serving temperatures. The maximum capacity for this system is 2,900 BTU/H.

Wine Guardian CS025 - ceiling mount split system for cellars up to roughly 800 cubic feet.

Although the cooling units are rated for various size rooms, the thermal load may require a larger sized cooling unit.  Thermal load may be affected by glass in the cellar, room positioning or other factors.  Please let a Rosehill Wine Cellar rep make some suggestions for you if needed. 

Additional Information

Wine Guardian ceiling mount split cooling system offers a low profile solution for ceiling mount applications.  Installed in 12” or 16” joist spacing, with as low as 10” joist height. Heavily insulated units are both quiet and energy efficient. Operating as low as 53 DBA.

The ceiling mount cooling units are an ideal option when traditional wall mount is not an option or not desired.  

 Electric heater option if the ceiling above wine cellar is a colder space.

Aluminum construction to be lightweight and corrosion resistant.

Easy to remove and clean condensate pan.

Low profile Diffuser (grill) can be painted to match ceiling - diffuser, roughly 3" exposed in cellar.  

Quality Wine Guardian parts and controller.

Ease of installation with mounting hooks for one person installation.


Technical Specs


CS025 (Wine Wall)


400 – 2755 BTU



BTU min



100 – 1200 ft³

Volume max


Volume min



44.19" (evaporator)
34" (condenser)


12.44" (evaporator)
12.3" (condenser)


208-230/1/60 (condenser)

Line Frequency

60 Hz




11.43" (evaporator)
26" (condenser)


43 lbs
75 lbs (condenser)




Wine Guardian warrants, to the original buyer, its goods and all parts thereof to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of original invoicing, assuming NORMAL USE AND SERVICE.

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