Metal Racking by VintageView

The VintageView WS Series are metal wine racks that are a great solution for wine storage in narrow spaces such as hallways, under staircases, on kitchen walls and behind sinks. The collection of wall wine racks come standard in either 36" or 48" heights.


VintageView’s Wall Series is the original and best label-forward metal wine rack on the market today. The system is used by interior designers and building professionals all over the world. This patented wine rack started a heretofore unknown wine storage movement of putting bottles on the wall like modern art. A very contemporary and practical way to store your wine, a wall mounted wine rack also works well where space is limited such as behind pantry doors, or in narrow hallways.


At an additional cost, these wine racks can be cut in height to suit your space.

VintageView metal wine racks will give you a different look in your cellar and can be incorporated with your wood wine racking. Wine bottles look like they are floating in mid-air, making it easy to identify your collection at a glance with labels facing towards you.

Racks can be stacked to the height desired and easily make a custom display into your specialty niche. They can fit into narrow spaces. All of our VintageView Wine Racks are stock items and are readily available for shipment within the USA and Canada.

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