Wine Racks

Wine Racks

Wine Racks

We offer a collection of wine racks for all needs and applications. From a small wooden wine rack for the home, to large commercial wine racking systems. Our collection of racks for wine are attractive, durable and come in several designs. Each of these wine rack systems comes with instructions on how to build your wine rack, resulting in a finely customized wine cellar.

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Comparison Chart below summarizes the differences between the racking systems.


For helpful information about creating/designing your own wine cellar, please visit the Designing Your Wine Cellar page.

Need help in building your cellar? Click here for our wine cellar construction tips.

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Our racks for wine are available for shipping in the United States of America and Canada. For more details and pricing, please see one of the fine manufacturer's above. Some racking is a stock item and readily available for shipping. Other systems average 2-3 week lead time. Custom Racking will take longer.  


Wood Wine Racks - Why choose one system over another? 

  Modular - RedRack Premier Cru / Village Kits Custom Metal Racking
Material Available:
  • All Heart Redwood
  • European Beech
  • Mahogany - Sapele
  • Toasted Maple
  • Many different species of wood and finishes available.
  • Metal strips and pegs.
Racking Depth: Total 9"- rack is 6 1/4"
Brackets hold it 2 3/4" away from wall.
13 1/2" 13 1/2" From 4"
Thickness: 1/2" x 1 3/8" 11/16" x 1 1/2" 11/16" x 1 1/2"  
Cost: Low Moderate Expensive High moderate.
Is my wine secure in the rack? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Do the racks need to be fastened to the wall? Yes - Brackets included Yes, Screw to wall. Yes Yes
Do you see plugs at the front of the racks once fastened? No No No N/A
  Modular Premier Cru / Village Kits Custom Metal Racking
  • Low cost - Means you have more money for wine!
  • Accommodates bottle (neck) tags.
    Click here for more information on neck tags
  • Variety of heights available, you can easily stack.
  • Rosehill can custom cut some of the racks in height and/or width for a customized look - Wall to Wall/Floor to Ceiling continuation.
  • You can also achieve a custom look with your own built displays, table tops, crown molding & baseboards.
  • Multiple wood choices.
  • Neck of the bottles are submerged.
  • Angle Display in many racks.
  • Two different heights available
  • Incorporated decorative base & crown
  • Less expensive than custom.
  • Same depth & thickness as most custom.
  • You can cut width of many racks to allow for wall to wall custom fit.
  • You can also achieve a custom look with your own built displays, table tops, crown molding & baseboards.
  • Richer looking rack.
  • Superior Construction. 
  • A truly custom cellar.
  • Floor to ceiling, wall to wall continuation of racking and display elements.
  • Neck of bottle is submerged.
  • Richer looking rack.
  • Custom designed based on needs and wants of the customer.
  • Ideal for narrow spaces.
  • Modern design in brushed metal or black.
  • View label of bottle.
  • Thinner rack.
  • Cost
  • Cost
  • Cost
Cost per Bottle: From $0.54 to $1.54 USD per bottle. From $2.70 to $5.20 USD per bottle. Custom racking is higher price per bottle. From $4.29 per bottle.


Choosing your Racking System

When it comes to Wine Racking, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which style would work best to house your collection of fine wines. Not to fear, here at Rosehill Wine Cellars we offer a variety of types of wine racking that will surely compliment your space. Whether you are looking for small wooden wine racks to fill a residential cellar, or larger wine racking systems for a commercial or retail space, Rosehill is the place to visit for your racking applications. In addition to our Modular Redwood wine racks, we also offer custom made wood racking that can be adjusted to suit your space. In terms of our metal wine racking options, we have a variety of wall-mounted as well as stand-alone island wine racks that are great alternatives for displaying your wine. For lowest cost per bottle bulk wine storage, we offer a wall-mounted Metal-Grid wine rack that is very stylish and affordable. For optimal display of your collection, our VintageView Wine Racks and (POP) Point of Purchase wine racking systems are a great choice, since they are specifically designed for maximum product and wine label exposure in a limited space.

Looking for a smaller scale racking display? Feel free to browse through our great selection of specialty wine racks that are designed to display your wine in a unique way. While many of these racks are much smaller in size and are freestanding, they are still a great option for showcasing your wine.

Why Wooden Wine Racks? 

So, you are building a new wine cellar…The style of wine racks used in your wine cellar is essential to establishing the look you want for the overall cellar and function of your collecting style. Wooden Wine Racks, which are Rosehill’s most popular choice of racking, are great because they can be easily custom-made to suit the space you are looking to fill. Rosehill offers a variety of Wooden Wine Racks that can be easily manipulated at a reasonable cost. While many Wooden Wine Racks come in a standard height of either 6ft or 7ft, they can be cut and/or stacked to fit a variety of ceiling heights depending on the type of Wine Racking needed. Because of their stackable feature, RedRack Redwood Wine Racks can be easily installed in cellars with varying heights.

While Rosehill offers a variety of styles, in terms of custom racking suitable for residential needs, Rosehill also offers Retail Wooden Wine Racks that can be used in commercial settings as well. These Wooden Wine Racks are often free-standing wine racks that are specifically designed for a retail sales environment; having display perches, or space for Point of Purchase (POP) materials. While these Wooden Wine Racks come in a standard size, our sales representatives would be more than happy to discuss any possible racking alternatives. The customization of our racks will allow for the possibility of wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling designs. Standard racks come in European Beech, Sapele (African Mahogany) and Toasted Maple. Custom Wine Racks are available in a variety of woods as well.