ONAM wine cellar cooling systems are self contained and easy to install. 

ONAM offers three different models, depending on the exact location of the unit. CW30M is located outside of the wine cellar and the CW30 and CW30W are located inside the cellar. Each of the different cooling units are ultra quiet, free from vibration free and easy to hide. The main benefit of the ONAM cooling units are that they do not exhaust heat into the air but instead heat generated in the cooling process is transferred to water that is then run into the drain. Reliable cooling units for cellars up to 2000 cubic feet.

ONAM Water Cooled Wine Cooling Systems Feature:

These units are designed for residential and commercial applications and easily installed. Requires only a dedicated 110V power supply, a water supply and a drain. The water consumption required when cooling (with a supply of 60F water) is approximately ¼ gallon (1 L) a minute. All ONAM products are designed with the best available components and with the following standard features:

  • Powerful: Designed for cellars up to 2000 cubic feet.
  • Refrigerant fittings easy accessing for servicing.
  • Fan: Maintenance free, squirrel cage fan. (ONAM CW-30M & ONAM CW-30W)
  • Evaporator: industrial tube with special dip-coated to resist pitting.
  • Stainless steel thermal expansion valve Automatically regulating the refrigerant, while optimizing humidity. 
  • Embossed aluminum casing; double walled construction.
  • Insulation for quiet and efficient operation.
  • Condensate pump included.
  • Pressure activated water valve: water flow is automatically regulated for water conservation.
  • Condenser is Cupro-nickel coaxial, designed to resist failure from a chlorinated water supply.
  • Removable panel -  for easy service.
  • Hermetic (vibration isolating) compressor.
  • High & low pressure safety valve turns off unit if pressure exceeds limits.
  • Safety high temperature controller switches the unit off if the compressor begins to operate at higher than normal temperatures.
  • 6' plug in power cord; not hard wired
  • R134a - refrigerant.
  • Remote electronic thermostatic control for accurate temperature control. Also Equipped with OFF/ON switch (seems obvious, but other manufacturers do not provide this basic control).

ONAM Water Cooled wine cellar cooling systems are available for shipping across North America.