Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Our wide selection of wine cellar cooling units offer the finest in refrigeration performance. We offer a wide variety of through the wall, split and ducted systems specifically designed for wine cellars. Range from smaller residential wine cellar cooling unit to larger wine refrigeration systems 

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Comparison chart lower down on this page explains differences between the cooling systems. The first chart compares Through-the-Wall cooling units. The second chart outlines some key features of the Ducted and Split cooling units.

What determines the kind of wine cellar cooling unit that is most appropriate for your wine cellar?

A number of factors will determine the best wine cooling unit for you.

A simplistic initial approach....

FIRST - determine size of your wine cellar in cubic feet (length x width x height)

SECOND - Do you have an adjacent climate controlled room equal size or larger than the wine cellar in which to use a simple "Through the wall" system. This allows the most options, please see first chart below. Please keep in mind that ALL through the wall cooling units will have some heat and noise at the back of the cooling unit into adjacent space. If this is not acceptable, this may be reason to look at a ducted or split system.

Depending on your situation, you may need a Through the wall system for inside application or for outside application. You may also need a split system or ducted system. Keep in mind that a ducted system may allow for ducting of the cold air, the hot air or both.

Through the Wall Wine Cooling Systems (Self Contained Systems)

Most simplistic, these units sit in a hole in the wall roughly the same size as the cooling unit itself. The front end blows cold air into the wine cellar, the back end allows for hot air exhaust and cold air intake.

Advantages: less expensive, simple installation
Disadvantages: heat & noise exhausts from back of unit

Ducted Systems

Ducting allows the option for the cooling unit to be installed within the cellar or not. Ducting can be set up in a variety of ways. You can duct the cold air into the wine cellar, or duct the hot air exhaust away from the cooling unit/cellar or both. The length of ducting available will depend on the particular cooling unit If you are ducting cold air into the cellar then you won't see the cooling unit in the cellar; noise will be reduced or eliminated.

Advantages: very quiet in the wine cellar
Disadvantages: cost

Split Systems

Split Systems are similar to central air conditioning. The evaporator is located in or near the wine cellar and the condenser is located elsewhere. The evaporator and condenser are connected via a line set. A professional HVAC/Refrigeration technician is required for this installation and charging the system.

Advantages: quiet
Disadvantages: cost, professional required for install

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Choosing your Cooling Unit

Whether you are cooling the wines in your brand-new wine cellar, or looking for a replacement Cooling Unit for your wine cabinet, at Rosehill Wine Cellars, we offer a wide selection of Wine Cellar Cooling Units that are extremely reliable when it comes to preserving your fine wines. Breezaire, Vinotheque and WhisperKOOL are only a few of the many different brands of Wine Cellar Cooling Units that we carry. With different systems available, including ducted, split and through the wall, Rosehill is guaranteed to have a model of Wine Cellar cooler that will be suitable for your needs. Whether you require a Cooling Unit for smaller residential installation, or a larger wine refrigeration system for retail or commercial use, Rosehill has many options to choose from. In any case, Rosehill is prepared to offer quality consultation and support in helping you to decide which Wine Cellar Cooling Unit is best suited to the space you are cooling. We invite you to speak with a Rosehill sales representative, or read through our online comparison charts that compare and contrast the key features of the different styles and models of Cooling Units we offer. Keep your wines fresh and at their best, with one of Rosehill’s Wine Cellar Cooling Units.


Wine Cellar Cooling Units are available for shipping to United States of America (USA) and Canada.